CBM Software and Syllabus



Think of the CBM Software as the ‘Rosetta Stone’ or ‘Berlitz’ for Advanced Business Acumen. Since the CBM has four parts, each part has corresponding Software that is delivered in a Cloud-Based SaaS model with numerous features such as downloadable eBooks, podcasts, videos, lecture notes, flashcards, 2 mock exams, and unlimited quizzes in each of the 10 Modules above. Click here for the software tutorial.

The knowledge-heavy, expense-lite CBM Advanced Business Acumen Software includes the following learning assets:


Upon registration, you have 1-year access to the software. In other words, for CBM Part 1, you have one year. For CBM Part 2, you have an additional year, and so on. During this time, you can review the software to decide to earn as many Stackable Credentials you’d like and/or to certify your Advanced Business Acumen across all 10 Modules.

You can get started with the CBM Part 1 for only 6 payments of $269.

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