CABM Stackable Credentials




100% ‘Knowledge’-based, the CABM is based on the following Business Acumen Framework:

You can earn all ten of them or just focus on one area. It’s your choice. It’s completely dependent on your initiative, ambition, focus, and career goals and objectives.

To earn a Stackable Credential in Finance, for example, you’d have to:

  • Submit your quiz scores for Module 700 Finance Scores.*
  • Submit a Finance Analysis (you choose which Finance Sub-Module) based on your employer or targeted employer. For example, you can submit a written report on applying Sub-Module 700.2 Basic Financial Statements to the financial statements of your employer. Our grading team will grade your analysis, and a grade of 75% or higher will qualify for the Stackable Credential.

Upon satisfying the requirements for a particular module, we would award you with, using Finance as the example, a Stackable Credential in Finance that you can use on your resume and profiles on LinkedIn, Workday, SuccessFactors, and Oracle PeopleSoft.

There is no additional cost to the Stackable Credentials in the 10 areas. It is already included in your registration.

You can get started with the CABM for only 6 payments of $269.


*Details of the submission requirements will be provided to you upon registration. The score must be a minimum of 75% per quiz for a total of 10 separate quizzes.

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