CABM Module 500 Syllabus




CABM Module 500 – Human Resources Management

500.1   Human Resources Strategies
500.1.1   Understand the nature of human resources (HR) function in business
500.1.2   Understand the changing environment and duties of HR management
500.1.3   Understand the strategic role of HR management
500.1.4   Learn how to integrate technology into HR function
500.1.5   Define ethics and fair treatment at work
500.1.6   List the factors shaping the ethical behavior at work
500.1.7   Understand the role of HR management in ethics at work

500.2   Employee Recruitment, Training, and Development
500.2.1   Understand the relationship between job analysis, job descriptions, and job specifications, including their development
500.2.2   Understand the factors in workforce planning and forecasting
500.2.3   Understand the steps in recruiting and selecting job candidates
500.2.4   Understand the basics of testing and selecting employees
500.2.5   Understand the process of interviewing prospective employees
500.2.6   Understand how to conduct background investigations and reference checks
500.2.7   Understand the steps involved in the employee-training process
500.2.8   Understand the employee-training techniques
500.2.9   Understand the approaches to management development
500.2.10   Understand how to evaluate the training and development efforts

500.3   Employee Performance Management
500.3.1   Understand the basic concepts in performance management
500.3.2   Understand the issues in appraising employee performance
500.3.3   Understand the roles and responsibilities in career management

500.4   Workforce Diversity Management
500.4.1   Understand the approaches to managing diversity at the workplace
500.4.2   Differentiate between equal employment opportunity and affirmative action
500.4.3   Understand the equal employment opportunity law enforcement process
500.4.4   Understand the defenses against discrimination allegations

500.5   Employee Benefits and Compensation
500.5.1   Understand the various types of employee benefits
500.5.2   Understand how employers establish pay rates
500.5.3   Understand the current trends in compensation and incentive plans

500.6   Employee Health, Safety, and Security
500.6.1   Understand the importance of employee health and safety at work
500.6.2   Understand what causes accidents at workplace and how to prevent them
500.6.3   List employee health-related problems and remedies and identify employee security concerns

500.7   Employee Relations, Labor Unions, and Collective Bargaining
500.7.1   Understand the issues involved in employee discipline, privacy, and dismissal
500.7.2   Understand how labor unions are organized, including union laws
500.7.3   Understand the collective bargaining process

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