CABM Credential

Our first level of Stackable Credentials in Business Acumen is the CABM* Credential. Taking the MBA Learning Components, the CABM covers the ‘Knowledge‘ Portion of the MBA:


The CABM is based on our Business Acumen Framework:

There are 10 Stackable Credentials in total – 1 corresponding to each area of the Business Acumen Framework and corresponding to each department of a company, regardless of size, industry, and geography.

You can choose how many Stackable Credentials you would like to earn. For example, you can choose only Finance, choose a combination of Operations, Finance, and HR, or become certified in all 10. The choice is completely yours with our Cloud-Based Business Acumen Software.

Click here to read about the CABM Software and Syllabus.

Click here to read about the CABM Stackable Credentials.

Click here to read about the CABM Pricing & Registration. You can get started with the CABM for only 6 payments of $269.



*CABM stands for Certified Associate Business Manager.

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