Our History

When our founder, Devi Vallabhaneni, was earning her MBA, she noticed that she did better in those classes where she was already familiar with the subject matter and hard to work much harder in classes where she had no exposure to the subject matter beforehand. While she was happy to learn the material for the first time, she:

  • felt that her job before business school could have benefitted by this extra knowledge and didn’t know why she had to wait for business school to learn it for the first time
  • felt having had some knowledge before entering the MBA classroom, she could have spent her time on the Application and Experiential Learning aspects of the MBA instead of gaining the Knowledge

This had a lasting effect on Devi. In parallel, her father, Rao, was noticing the proliferation of MBA programs worldwide that were more ‘Knowledge‘-based instead of truly being experiential and application-based.  Luckily, they are in the same family, so they had a chance to discuss this confluence of factors (can you imagine their dinner table discussions). Fast forward 12+ years later, and now you see the fruits of our labor, vision, and commitment.


As part of our extensive development, we are proud to establish the following partnerships and milestones to bring you knowledge-heavy expense-lite Business Acumen programs: 

Our Publishing Partners are Pearson Education, John Wiley and Sons, and Harvard Business School Publishing.

Out Software Platform Partner is Pearson Education.

Our Testing Partner is Pearson VUE Testing Centers worldwide.

Our Education Partners are ETS’s Chauncey Group and the ACT Workforce Division.

We conducted corporate Pilot Programs with IBM, Avaya, McKinsey India, Steelcase, and Alstom France to ensure the global applicability of our Business Acumen curricula, courses, and credentials.

We are also the only certification that uses the GMAT as part of its eligibility criteria.

We were the subject of a Harvard Business School Case Study and Discussion coordinated by Professor Rakesh Khurana.

All of this funded internally without outside investment from venture capital. Our goal is to be true to our mission and avoiding pressure to dilute the quality of our curricula, courses, assessments, software, and certifications.

We made a conscious choice to not spend on marketing during our R&D phase. We believed  that every $1 we spent on marketing was $1 less to invest in the breadth and depth of the Business Acumen Software and Stackable Credentials we can provide you.

We’ll be the first to admit that marketing is not our strong suit. Give us a curriculum, and we’ll tackle it and write thousands of practice questions and develop hundreds of flashcards.

This is where we need your help. We’d love to hear from you: How should we create awareness? Which of our success stories should we share? Drop us a line at info@apbm.org with your marketing suggestions.

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