We exist to disrupt ‘questionable’ MBA programs through Cloud-Based SaaS Business Acumen Software and Stackable Credentials that are Knowledge-Heavy Expense-Lite. Let’s dissect this sentence:

Cloud-Based SaaS (Software-as-Service): You can access our Software – think of it as ‘Rosetta Stone’ or ‘Berlitz’ for your Business Acumen for a 1-year or 2-year timeframe.

Business Acumen Software and Stackable Credentials: We have collected the entire knowledge base of an MBA and organized it in a self-directed software format that lets you earn Stackable Credentials in each subject area or certify yourself across the entire syllabus.

Knowledge-Heavy Expense-Lite: For less than the cost of one MBA-level class, you can certify yourself across the entire MBA curriculum with our Cloud-Based Software. We save you 90% of the cost of an MBA.

Disruption doesn’t happen overnight. It’s taken 12+ years to bring you a suite of Credentials that truly disrupt most MBA programs. If we didn’t put the effort it, we couldn’t confidently give you enough value for you to question the MBA, the growth of which has exploded over the last 20 years. We want you to be the beneficiary of our 12+ years of Research & Development and the way we think about business education.

We are a very small team who believe in the universality of business education and have taken concrete steps to make sure our Business Acumen Software and Stackable Credentials are knowledge-heavy and expense-lite, reserving the MBA degree as a place you go for advanced application. Today, too many MBA programs are the opposite: knowledge-lite and expense-heavy.

apbmAs a result, we founded a non-profit educational organization called The Association of Professionals in Business Management (APBM) that delivers Business Acumen Software and Certifications in a Cloud-Based SaaS format that are Knowledge-Heavy and Expense-Lite. Our founders are a socially-minded, knowledge-oriented, value-driven, father-daughter team who between them have authored over 60 business books, have earned 6 degrees and 25 professional business certifications, and have authored about 20,000 practice multiple-choice business assessments.

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